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Whatever kind of interest or connection you have with dance, there is going to be something of interest here for you.
Throughout history we have expressed our inner feelings & moods by body language and the medium of dance whether it be happiness, celebration
or even courtship. Over time the Dance movements have got more elaborate from simple feet shuffling & body shaking to set patterns and routines.
Some dances have originated from all manner of instances from religious rituals to tribal dances, rainmaking, war, competition & formation.
Today’s dancing is mainly social whether it be Disco, Salsa, Ballroom, Modern, Tap or Ballet & you are more than likely to find some event or
show happening in your area. We have included Aerobics in this section so that you can also work out & Dance yourself fit.
We have mentioned just a few links here for you to get an insight into what its all about ..... Have fun x   
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Careers in Tv & stage have often come from Dance
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